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We all know it to be true, so why don't we do something about it? Midgets do nothing productive exept for getting in the way of law abiding NORMAL people, and it's time we pay the little bastards back. The answer to every problem we face in everyday life would be immediatlly solved if we would just legalize the enslavement of midgets.

Midgets' short and wide bodies allow them to have a very high tolorance to heat and the strains of working in the hot sun all day long. It's also been scientifically proven that midgets don't have feelings, and although they might voice complaints about working in the fields all day, it doesn't really bother them. We should utilize the extrodinary tolerance of the midget for our own personal growth!

A common concern among the general public is the idea that midget slave labor is morally wrong. These misinformed people could not be more far from the truth, in fact God himself has publically encouraged the legalization of midget slave labor. At a press conference last spring He said, "Put the damn midgets in the fields, thats what I made them for!"

Right about now I bet your thinking, "Midget slave labor sounds like a good deal, but how will we ever convince the government to put the midget bastards in the damn fields where they belong?" The answer is simple, although it will take a lot of effort to get our plan passed. The plan is this: Start by killing the wife and children of any midget bastard you see and then lock the midget in a cage or a shed or something similar to that, you should take good care of the little bastard because soon he will be your personal slave. Continue collecting midgets in this manner until we have all of them captured, once we have all the little bastards collected we will elect the leader of our group and pool all of our life savings to try to get him elected presedent of the United States, once in office we will kill all the other government officials and throw them in a big pit, members of the anti-midget politcal party will then fill the government positions, after that we will legalize midget slavery, and everyone all over the world will laugh and rejoice because the little bastards are finally getting what they deserve.

If you want to be a part of the crusade to get midgets enslaved e-mail me your name.

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